Make or Buy Titanic Rose Dress Costumes

With many upcoming events centered around the 100 anniversary of Titanic’s sinking and the re-release of the 1997 Titanic movie there is great demand for the movie costumes. All of Rose’s dresses are very popular to buy or make yourself from the many patterns available. Read on to see what ready-made Titanic Movie costumes are available for immediate purchase and then check out all the available movie costume patterns and start sewing!

UPDATE: Most of the costumes listed here are no longer available. For some titanic inspired dresses shop here. 

Buy a Titanic Rose Movie Costume

The costume to the left is a good reproduction of Rose’s arrival dress. Rose made a grand entrance in this dress suit and so can you. Made of a good quality cotton and polyester blend material the cream-colored dress is accented with purple trim and covered buttons. The ¾ length skirt shows just enough ankle to be consider proper for the time. The suit fits to maintained the straight yet slightly curved torso of an Edwardian woman.

titanic suit dress costume

Titanic Rose Arrival Dress

Women of all ages and body types look amazing in this style of suit dress. The tailored fit easily slims a naturally rounded body. For already slender women the jacket sash emphasizes the high waist keeping you narrow through the torso. You will look beautiful from any angle.

The best feature about this costume is the wide-brimmed hat. It can be very expensive to buy an over sized hat like this one and impossible to buy locally. The curved shape of the hat prevents obstructed vision. The details in the matching trim and feather adds just enough simple elegance to take this dress from nice to amazing!

Complete the look with white lace gloves and white low heeled shoes or boots.

This costume is available in size Small to Medium (women’s 6-18). The lowest price I could find is $369.99 at Frank Bee Costumes. Frank Bee has been in business since 1957 and is very reputable company on and offline. Shipping may take a few extra days so be sure to order now.


Titanic arrival dress

Titanic Lady Aristocrat

Another version of Rose’s arrival dress. The dress is sold without the hat so the price is more reasonable. It is also more accurate to the movie dress. Unlike the first arrival dress, this one has subtle pin striping in the Jacquard fabric just as the original dress has. It is also gracefully draped down to the ankles for a historically accurate “hobble skirt” shape. The dress is  flattering on all body types.

The placement of the buttons on the dress is like the original. The upper collar is more simple, like a sailor top, yet it does not reduce the overall beauty of the dress. The velvet trim adds touches of elegance you would expect from a quality costume. You are sure to draw admiring looks with this gem of a dress.

Complete the costume with a wide brimmed hat (accent with purple, cream and black feathers or ribbon), short lace gloves, jewelry and black or white fashion boots.



Titanic afternoon suit dress

Titanic Socialite

On the boat, this dress suit would have been worn outside, on arrival day, departure day, or any afternoon strolling the deck with friends. It is commonly known as a walking or traveling suit. The skirt is long and straight cut with very subtle button detail. The jacket wraps around the body hiding any “imperfections” a woman’s body may have. The jacket collar and sleeve cuffs are nicely detailed with contrasting fabric lapel and black braided trim.

Although this dress is not a reproduction of Rose’s Titanic movies dress it is the most historically accurate of all the costumes here. It is also similar to a costume worn by Molly Brown. It is one of those designs that is so versatile it is impossible for any women to look bad in it. Everyone who sees you in this dress will believe you are an elegant 1st class passenger.

Complete the look with a white lace blouse, black boots, and a black parasol.



titanic style dress

Titanic My Fair Lady Dress

This dress is very stunning with its bold back and white coloring. The dress is designed for the musical My Fair Lady that is set in 1912- the year Titanic Sank. This dress style would have been equally popular on the titanic. Wealthy first class women boarding the Titanic may have just come from a shopping trip in Paris. The dresses they choose would have been the latest fashion styles like this one.

Walking into your Titanic themed event with this dress will make a striking impression no one will forget. The long dress trails on the floor behind you attracting attention wherever you go. The matching over sized crepe satin hat and striped sash are trimmed in black velvet giving the costume a look of expensive luxury.


edwardian dress

White Titanic Dress

This gown would have become popular shortly after the 1912 sinking of the Titanic. It shows off the hobble skirt shape, center sash, and over-skirt layer that were the defining characteristics of Edwardian dress style. Complete the look with a stylish hat and you’ll be ready to travel in style.

The sash tied as a bow in front is the only part of the dress that looks inaccurate to me. This can be remedied by tying the sash around to the back of the gown. The plainness of the dress makes it easy to customize. You don’t have to worry about someone wearing the same dress if you add or change the sash and coordinate a matching hat or hair accessories. This flexibility makes it my favorite dress of the bunch.
You will be the height of sophistication in this costume.


titanic red dress

Turn of the Century Dress

This dress style would have been seen in the early to mid 1900’s. Mature 1st class and 2nd class ladies would still be wearing this “post bustle area” dress. Puffed shoulder sleeves and pleated front waist sash were common items on Victorian era dresses. The bustle was removed and a lady’s natural bottom became fashionable to show off.

Bright and bold colors like this red dresses were all the rage. Vibrant colors helped women feel like they could express themselves though fashion. This dress will certainly make you looks so good outside that it can’t help but make you feel good inside too.

Edwardian 1900s Dress

Titanic Edwardian Dress

The best feature of this costume is the hat. Layered in lace (which was very expensive at the time), the wide brimmed hat just screams classiness. Of all the dresses I found it is also the least expensive. Even the most frugal budget can accommodate a dress AND hat this nice.

Complete the outfit with black boots, gloves, and decorative jewelry line a brooch. You can even up yourself in class and add a silk shawl. Dress and Hat sell for $89.99. Currently only size large is available. This item may discontinue soon. Buy now while you can.

To purchase this amazing dress and other accessories visit the Edwardian Women’s Clothing Shop.

Make a Titanic Rose Movie Costume Dress

There are a few reproduction and similar Titanic movie dress patterns available to make your own dress. I am sure more will be coming in the next year so check back often.

Simplicity has brought back the Titanic Swim Dress and Dinner Dress pattern. It is only available online. has made most of the movie dresses into pattern and very cheap prices.

This is a regency era dress but it’s very similar to the Titanic kimono style dresses. Just add a center sash and no one will know the difference.

Edwardian traveling coats for men and women. I’ve been wanting to make this pattern for a while. It’s like Rose’s Pink swim coat.


titanic rose costume

1912 Titanic Rose Boarding Dress Pattern

Laughing Moon Dress Pattern – Two dress patterns for afternoon and walking dresses.

Links to Patterns–  An excellent site with links to all the possible patterns to make any of Rose’s dresses. Also sewing advice, fabric shopping, links to hats and jewelry, and more.

Lavolta Press – Maker of fashion pattern books. High quality patterns from a range of eras.

Dress Making Research
This site does not sell patterns but shows examples of authentic dress patterns by year. Very informative.

Wingeo–  1910 – 1915 Gown & Overdress(like the swim dress)  Skirt 1910 – 1915, 1910 – 1916 Hobble Skirt

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