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boardwalk empire inspired dressesBoardwalk Empire is back! Season three kicked off a few weeks ago with plenty of booze, blood, and dresses. Unlike the previous two seasons the dresses on season three are showcasing the best of 1920’s “flapper” style gowns. Elaborately beaded with rich hues of gold Boardwalk Empire opens on New Years Eve 1922 with an Egyptian themed party. Themed parties were the “in” thing to attend during the 1920’s. The discovery of King Tuts Tomb put Ancient Egypt on the map and everything Egyptian became the latest fad. From clothing to jewelry to house hold decor Tutimania hit the western world by storm.

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Boardwalk Empire Fashion

Boardwalk Empire writers, producers, and costumers did a nice job setting the scene but it is a little premature.  King Tuts tomb wasn’t discovered until November 26, 1922 – one month before the big celebration. It was a little too soon for dresses to be inspired by the latest discoveries. It look several months to even begin categorizing and photographing all that was part of king Tuts tomb. That and the delays in sharing the photographs around the world meant most people were not seeing the discoveries until at least 6 months later. The wave of Egyptian themed parties and clothing would not have been so abundant until at least 1924.

vintage 1920s inspired dressesIn any case the clothing is gorgeousness and just like in 1922 the mania for gold, beads, and drop waist dresses is ever present today. Last year I could barely find a 1920’s style dress to included in my 1920’s shopping resources page– now I am overwhelmed with choices and more and more are being added daily. Boardwalk Empire, the Great Gatsby and Downton Abbey are certainly helping to push the 1920’s style dress revival.

For those who want a Boardwalk Empire inspired dress your choices are plentiful if you want a fully beaded, fringed, or feather trimmed dress. Both long and short dresses are popular right now. There is a great selection of plus size Boardwalk Empire style dresses here too. 

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