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1930s Women’s Pants and Beach Pajamas

1930s women's pants and beach pajamas at vintagedancer.com

1930s wide leg pants

In the 1930s women’s didn’t wear pants too often but for summer days at the beach or playing  a sport pants were not only acceptable but highly fashionable! For day wear a pair of white or navy blue high waist, wide legs pants with a nautical or sailor look were trendy. On the beach women wore soft, flowing, very wide leg Beach Pajamas. They were soft colors or big geometric prints such as stripes and checks. Many had attached overall straps or were a full jumpsuit.

Vintage 1930s pants with wide legs are hard to find today but these vintage inspired 1930s pants, palazzo pants, jumpsuits and overalls give a nod to 1930s fashion.

1930s Style Pants


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