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Every year Reno, Nevada hosts Hot August Nights, the biggest antique car show on the West Coast. The week’s theme falls heavily on the 1950’s complete with sock hop, prom, and rock n’ roll concerts. Many people get dressed in costumes. Usually women are dressed in pink poodle skirts.

Frankly, I do not like poodle skirts. They are so over worn at 1950’s themed events that I was beginning to wonder if anyone in the 50’s wore anything else? I considered wearing a 50’s house dress or a “pink lady’s” outfit from Grease. Both would have been fun but not unique. It was not until I received an email from announcing the new arrival of the Suzy Q bowling shirts that I thought about dressing as a car hop waitress.

1950s womens costumes shirts

The Suzy Q shirts were designed for women bowlers. They looked all over the globe to find a shirt material that was lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. They finally found it in small city in China. However it is not the shirt material that caught my attention but the design. The shirts were designed to resemble vintage button down, v-neck, collared shirts that were very popular in the 1950’s. They were especially common as uniforms for women. Car hops servers included.

The Suzy Q shirts are available in black/white, pink/black, and red/black color combination. They would look perfect matched with a short skirt, capri pants or yes, a poodle skirt. Add a wide belt, scarf, matching ties for your pony tails, cat eye glasses, and a pair of roller skates to make your costume complete.

Since these shirts first became available, they have been in hot demand. If I were you, I would not wait to order yours. I have a feeling once the word spreads about these shirts you will be seeing them just as often as poodle skirts.

See you at the Hot August Nights!

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