How to Dress Like Robert Redford in the Great Gatsby

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Summer time means twenties time as Great Gatsby themed parties across the country are being held at old mansions, historical parks, and personal homes. For inspiration most people turned to the 1974 Great Gatsby movie starring Robert Redford as Jay Gatsby. His high-class white summer suit stands out as one of the handsomest movie costumes ever worn. It’s no wonder every summer I receive a similar email to this one asking how to dress like Robert Redford in the Great Gatsby:


Would businessmen or politicians wear the white summer suits later than the summer months? Perhaps into September? I was thinking of going with a version of one of Robert Redford’s white suits from the Great Gatsby. Any suggestions on groups that already have suit packages together and available? – Lance

Answer: Yes it is proper to wear white suits in early fall. If you were of higher class you could afford the more comfortable summer suits in light colors. Even in summer most suits in the 1920’s were still wool which is what Robert Redford wore in the movie. He was wearing white as his symbol of class rather than weather driven. He was also a man who did not follow fashion rules so even if it was inappropriate to wear white after Labor day he would not have cared.

What Robert Redford / Jay Gatsby wore:

The suit jacket is cut with very wide lapels and buttoned with 3 front buttons on a snug fitted single breasted style. The vest is a matching wool, double breasted, shawl collar, 6 button, straight bottom, full back vest. His trousers are pleated with wide and cuffed legs. The shoes are hard to see but I think they are probably white canvas or leather lace up cap toe Oxford with dark contrasting sole and heel. His tie is a very wide silk gold-colored necktie (very 1970’s :) Finally his shirt is a blue dress shirt with attached pointed collar and white french cuffs complete with snazzy cuff links.

great gatsby suit

Are exact suits like this made today? No.  I wish they were but unfortunately modern fashion isn’t into wide trousers, wide lapel suits and especially shawl collar vests. In general white suits only exist as special occasion Tuxedo suits or casual summer linen suits. Either option comes in the correct notch lapels but with narrow modern lapels. The trousers won’t be as wide as they were in the twenties either but if you buy them unhemmed you can have them cuffed by the tailor for a more authentic twenties look. Single pleat trousers are more accurate than double pleats and look better too.

The vest is going to be the one item you may have to either do without or use a modern substitute. They just don’t make vests like Gatsby’s anymore. Believe me I have looked and looked and looked. Someday I will start my own clothing line and this vest will be the first item to be made. I digress. To recreate the Gatsby look you can wear a plain white vest from a formal wear store which will probably be made of satin. You can also go with a natural, tan, or brown casual vest made of wool or linen for a bit more of middle class period correct look. Or you can just leave it out. While most twenties men wore three-piece suits the heat of the summer made it acceptable to go without a vest. Here are a few good choices for men’s two piece white suits (Click on the picture for more info on the retailer’s site) or shop here for more choices.:

Signature Pincord Cotton SuitAdolfo Men's White Linen 2-button Suit

Some modern style white vests:

Perry Ellis - Linen and Cotton Herringbone Vest (Bright White) - ApparelPerry Ellis Vest, Linen Herringbone

The rest of the outfit is pretty easy. You need a blue dress shirt with white french cuffs. I like the shirts sold by Paul Frederick. You will have to choose between having a blue collar or white cuffs, not available with both. Shop 1920’s mens shirts.

Imperial 100's Traditional Straight Collar French Cuff Dress ShirtContrast White Collar with White French Cuffs Dress Shirt

Next a gold wide  silk tie (a paisley or check pattern is period correct): Shop ties.

Gold Paisley TieGold geometric design woven tieGold natte woven tie
And white lace up Oxford shoes: Shop mens shoes.

Classic Buck Shoe by Jos. A. Bank

White there may not be a ready to wear package set of Gatsby’s suit you can easily piece an outfit together.  Perhaps after the new Great Gatsby movie is released we will see more retailers carrying this style again. I certainly hope so.


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