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60s Mens Shoes | 70s Mens shoes – Platforms, Boots

Get the look of the 1960s with a fresh pair of vintage inspired men’s 60s shoes and boots. Popular 1960s styles for men were suede lace up oxfords, monk strap shoes, penny loafers, chelsea boots (Beatles shoes), western boots, chukka boots, retro sneakers, and leather sandals. Men’s 1970s shoes included patent leather white shoes, bowling or track shoes, retro sneakers, two tone oxfords, and woven loafers. Of all the style men’s 70s platforms shoes and boots are the most iconic of the decades. Platforms shoes remain on trend as disco shoes and as everyday fashion for retro stylin’ gents.

Most of these 60s and 70s men’s retro shoes and boots can still be found today. Retro reproduction and vintage inspired men’s shoes are available from these shops:

Men’s 60s – 70s Shoes