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Retro Clothing for Men | Vintage Men’s Fashion

New vintage retro clothing for men. Create your own men’s vintage-inspired outfits with these clothing essentials that span the 1920s to 1970s decades. While there are many interpretations of what retro men’s clothing is or isn’t these are some of the fashion pieces we have in our wardrobes:

  • Shirts: Dress shirt with a white collar, round club collar or spearpoint collar. Casual button-down shirts / Hawaiian shirt/ bowling shirt. Knit polo shirts, striped T-shirts, retro-mod pullovers.
  • Pants: High waisted, wide leg trousers. Dark denim jeans with rolled cuffs. Bell bottoms for the 70s.
  • Vests: Collared vests, knit sweater vests or cardigan vests
  • Suits: Pinstripe suit, tweed suit or sports coat, seersucker or ivory linen suit, shawl collar tuxedo or white dinner jacket
  • Sweaters: Fisherman cable knit sweaters, tennis sweater, shawl collar sweaters, mod hipster sweaters, fair isle “Christmas” sweaters, two-tone cardigan sweaters, funky 80s-90s sweaters
  • Jackets/coats: Long wool overcoat, a rain trench coat, gaberdine jacket/bomber jacket, letterman jacket, leather motorcycle jacket, denim jacket, retro windbreaker
  • Ties: Hand painted vintage neckties or bold bow ties
  • Shoes: Lace up dress boots, two-tone spectator oxfords, classic penny loafers, casual boat shoes
  • Hats: Newsboy cap, wide brim fedora hat
  • Accessories: Suspenders, vintage eyewear, cufflinks, pocket watch or retro wrist watch, leather gloves, hair pomade, straight razor shaving set

We search all over the internet looking for new men’s vintage clothing and retro clothing that is affordable from the USA and UK.  These essentials will get you started on the path to creating many vintage retro men’s outfits.

Retro Vintage Clothing for Men


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