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Men’s Vintage Style Sweaters – 1920s to 1960s

1960s vintage mens sweaters.

1961 Men’s Sweaters

Classic men’s vintage sweaters, pullovers, cardigans, and jumpers go in and out of style every winter. Over the decades’ sweaters styles have also experienced shifts in popularity with changes in fit, pattern, and colors matching the fashion of the day.  By retro vintage decade these are the typical sweater styles:

1920s men’s sweaters were heavy chunky cable knit sweaters with roll collars in pullover styles or shawl collars on button up cardigans. Colors were neutral in the early years and vivid argyle check, geometric, and fair isle patterns in the later years. Brown with burgundy, blue with pea green, mustard yellow and green were common late ’20s colors. Both cable knit sweaters and fair isle pattern sweaters are back in style this year. Learn about mens 1920s sweaters.

1930s men’s sweaters were still heavy shaker knits but with smaller crew neck pullovers and cardigans that also zipped rather than buttoned. The length also reduced to meet the high rise of pants.

1940s men’s sweaters slimmed down into smooth V neck knits in plain and novelty patterns such as moose, trees, squirrels, birds and winter snowflakes. The fit was snug with thin trim and a semi wide hip band. Pullover vests continued to be a big deal in the 1940s.

1950s men’s sweaters were still very slim but now preferred a high crew neck pullover or very deep V cardigan style. Color choices exploded with baby blue, teal, red, yellow, and white coming into fashion. The shawl collar also returned in a pullover style. Novelty prints were out but wintery Nordic patterns remained trendy.  Don’t forget the Varsity or Letterman sweater ruled the schools (although the style began decades before in the 1920s.)

1960s men’s sweaters return to a chunky home-spun texture with contrasting trim, wide stripes and elbow patches. Fuzzy mohair was and cable knits were back in style.  By the end of the decade, the ultra-skinny sweater with funny novelty designs was part of the mod fashion that continued into the 1970s. This is the style we see again in 2016-2017.

See more pictures of vintage men’s sweaters below.

We browsed online and found a variety of men’s sweaters that fit into each of the decades’ trends above. Add them to your winter wardrobe for a unique vintage inspired look:

Vintage Style Men’s Sweaters

1910s men's vintage sweaters (1913)

1913 men’s sweaters

Late 1920s sweater are full of pattern and texture. 1928 mens sweaters

Late 1920s sweater are full of pattern and texture

1930s men's sweaters and cardigans

1930s men’s sweaters and cardigans

1940s WW2 men's short sweaters

1942 men’s short sweaters & cardigans

1957 men's sweaters, pullover vests and cardigans

1957 men’s sweaters, pullover vests and cardigans

Vintage 1960s mens two tone cardigan sweater

1964 contrast trim sweaters