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1960s – 70s Sewing Patterns- Dresses, Tops, Pants

Sixties and seventies clothes are back in fashion but that doesn’t mean I can’t sew my own dresses, pants, tops and other 1960s wardrobe essentials. With a handful of good 1960s reproduction sewing patterns or vintage 70s patterns, an entire collection of retro outfits is possible.  Trending now are early 60s dresses, party dresses and wedding gowns. Mini dresses and skirt are also on the rise (and are easy to make.) High Waisted flare bell bottom pants, boho dresses, and lace blouses create trendy 70s outfits.

The following 60s and 70s sewing patterns are some of my favorites. Most come in multiple sizes.

Don’t forget to complete your look with a great pair of mid century style shoes and colorful tights.

1960s Sewing Patterns


Pin This! 1960s Sewing Patterns. Over 100 vintage reproductions '60s sewing patterns

Pin This! 1960s Sewing Patterns