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1930s Men’s Clothing

VintageDancer.com 1930s men's fashion costume

1930s Style Men’s Fashion

1930s men’s clothing was inspired by broad shouldered and thin waist athletes. Suits were wide, pants were wide and shirt collars were also large. They styles narrowed through the decade to what we call a classic fit today. Clothing was full of color and distinctive patterns. Plaids, checks, stripes mixed with solid colors. It was the era of men’s classic clothing. Read more about 1930s Men’s Fashion

You can dress in the 1930s style with new vintage inspired clothing. The clothes linked here are some of the best options online that blend vintage and modern perfectlty. Choose a wide leg 1930s style suit or sportcoat, fedora hat, dress shirt, two tone shoes, and tie for a head to toe vintage fashion with the comfort of new clothing.

1930s Men’s Clothing

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3 thoughts on “1930s Men’s Clothing

  1. We have a 95% original 1930 Dodge Brothers DC8 automobile. We were able to find period accurate clothing for my 6’5″ husband. That is not an easy task. We both greatly appreciate the hard work and dedication you put into your website. It has made the buying and researching process a breeze. Thank you!

    • Wonderful! I am so glad you were able to find something. I also have a tall husband so I know first hand the challenge of it all. If you get a chance I would love to see a photo of what you found (and your car.)

  2. I can’t even begin to express how amazing this site is. I can foresee many paychecks going towards this site, and the amazing clothing and unforgettable era which it encompasses.