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New Edwardian Style Men’s Hats 1900-1920

1906 Edwardian Men's Hats

1906 Edwardian Era Men’s Hats

The Edwardian era was a transitional time for men’s hats. The common Victorian hats such as the Top hat or Topper,  English Derby or Bowler and western frontier hats were still popular. As the decades progressed newer hats such as the rolled brim Homburg or Fedora came into the picture. Straw hats in the shape of the gambler, boater or skimmer, and optimo panama were worn in the summer. The sporty men’s newsboy cap were fair game for all classes. Gradually hats entered into the smaller and more shapely styles of the 1920s. 

These new hats all are inspired by the most popular Edwardian men’s hats. Each of them would make a great addition to your men’s Edwardian costume, Titanic costume, or  Downton Abbey costume. 

Edwardian Men’s hats