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1960s – 70s Style Men’s Hats

Stylish 1960s men’s hats were full of color, patterns, and style. Most new men’s hat styles today are replicas of vintage 1960s men’s hats. The stingy brim fedoras in felt, tweed, and straw are popular styles today just as they were for men in the sixties. Classic men’s 60s hats were the pinch front fedora, walker hat, and French beret. Casual or winter caps such as the trooper, Detroit, cadet or fur flip caps kept heads warm. Most men stopped wearing hats in the 1960s.

A few trendy hats emerged in the 70s. Western straw hats with braided leather bands, fuzzy fur felt hats in shades of gold, red or teal, leather or suede cowboy hats, floppy velvet velour hats (pimp hats) hats, oversized newsboy cap, and tall homburg hats.

These retro men’s hats are some of the best options for new 1960s and 1970s style men’s hats. 

1960s – 70s men’s hats

Pictures of vintage 60s and 70s hats

1961 fabric stingy brim fedora hats

1961 felt and fabric stingy brim fedora hats