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1900s, 1910s, WW1, Titanic Costumes

Adult and Children Halloween costumes from the Edwardian era (1900-1919) turn of the century.  All of these cheap costumes are ideal for Halloween, fancy dress, theater, book day, WW1 remembrance and dress up events. For higher quality Edwardian inspired clothing shop here.

Costume ideas for this period:

1900s- 1910 Gibson girls, Beatrix Potter, Mary Poppins, Bert (Chimney sweep), suffragettes, maids

1912- Titanic passengers, crew, ghosts. Titanic movie Rose dresses.

WW1- Officers, nurses, pilots/aviators, refugees, spy, Indiana Jones, Wonder Woman Steve, etc

Classic witches, ghouls, black cats, ghosts and others in period costumes.

Edwardian Costumes