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1940s Style Men’s Pants and Trousers

1940s mens pants

1940s Men’s dress pants

Men’s 1940s pants, slacks or trousers had medium to wide legs that tapered and cuffed at the ankles.  They also fit very high up on the waist reaching to bottom of the ribs. Popular colors were striped, plaid or solid color browns, grey and navy blue pants. Held up with a belt or button on suspenders mens 1940s pants are classics for the swing dancing community.

Men’s 1940s denim jeans were just coming into mainstream fashion whereas they previously were worn as work-wear or ranch wear only. There are only a few choices for men’s reproduction 1940s denim jeans such as the limited edition vintage jeans by Levi’s.

Finding 1940s style wide leg pants and jeans today can be difficult.  Men’s vintage reproduction clothing offers the best choices however brands specializing in the urban male or church suits and even classic golf pants often have a good selection too.  Here are some options we have found online:

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1940s Style Men’s Pants: