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1940s Style Mens Clothing


1940s style men’s clothing isn’t too different from today’s men’s clothes. Single and double breasted 1940s men’s suits were still common as day wear. The pinstripe suit in navy or grey was the most iconic of the 1940s.  Formal suits were brightened up with the velvet trimmed or white dinner jackets. Inner city youth added colorful zoot suits to their fashion wardrobe. Every man wore a felt Fedora or straw hat and a snazzy pair of two tone shoes.  Read about 1940s men’s fashion history.

You can get the 1940s men’s fashion look using new clothing with vintage style. A pinstripe suit, fedora hat, and wingtip shoes are your essentials. Add a vintage pattern tie and pocket square to complete your day look. For 1940s swing dancers, skip the hot jacket and wear a colored shirt and suspenders instead.

1940s Style Men’s Clothing: