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1920s Style Men’s Pants & Plus Four Knickers


1920s Men's Pants Guide at VintageDaner.com Shop new pants and trousers in vintage colors, patterns and cuts

1920s Men’s Pants Guide

1920s men’s pants grew from skinny jazz trousers to wide straight leg trousers to the over-sized oxford bags in the span of just 10 years. All men’s 1920s pants had very high waists and waist bands held up with button suspenders. Vintage pants and reproduction pants are very hard to come by. Instead you can wear new men’s pants with 1920s style like these. Look for flat front pants that fit high on the waist (no low rise) in distinct patterns such as stripes, plaid, checks, tweed and herringbone. Cuff the legs for that extra bit of 1920s fashion.

For sportswear a pair of plus fours otherwise known as golf knickers makes a great costume. Add a pair of over the knee argyle socks and a pair of two tone shoes for your summer attire.

Read more about the history of 1920s mens casual and work pants or mens business suits here. 

Men’s 1920s Style Pants:

1920s Style Men's Pants and Trousers. What to look for, where to shop. VintageDancer.com/1920s

1920s Style Men’s Pants