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1960s – 70s Mens Shirts- Dress, Mod, Disco, Turtleneck

The swinging sixties introduced a new palette of colors and patterns to men’s clothing. 1960s men’s shirts included classic dress shirts, casual T-shirts, Beatnick turtlenecks, Mod Brenton stripes, large collar button down shirts, and sporty knit polo shirts.  The fit was slim, the patterns were bold, and the trend is back in style today. The men’s 70s shirt kept the slim fit and earth tone colors but exaggerated the collar, opened up the chest (hello chest hair) and bedazzled the heck out of Disco shirts. 70s shirt prints made the 60s look tame. Paisley swirls, earth tone suede, flashy sequins and metallics shirts made the 70s groove.

These new vintage inspired 1960s and 1970s men’s shirts embraced the look and feel of the decade without the high cost of genuine vintage.

60 -70s Men’s Shirts