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1920s Men’s Costumes

1920s Men Halloween Costume Ideas

1920s Men Costume Ideas

Buy roaring twenties men’s Halloween costumes. 1920s men’s costume ideas are  the Great Gatsby, prohibition era bootlegger, detective, Al Capone gangster, Speakeasy bar tender, Charlie Chaplin, Newsboy, Barber shop singer, silent movie actor, Hollywood heartthrob, Downton Abbey gentleman, golfer, swimmer and many more. For a gorey spin on any of these costumes add fake gunshot wounds, zombie makeup, and wear grey for a ghost or dead look. (Looking for a 1920s zoot suit? They are actually 1940s here.)

These 1920s men’s costumes are cheaper quality costumes ideal for Halloween. For a higher quality and more authentic costume look at these 7 men’s costume ideas (for any budget). 

1920s Men’s Costumes