has become the best source for finding vintage inspired clothing and costumes online. Brands selling vintage inspired clothing, costumes, shoes or accessories are an excellent fit as a advertiser. We currently partner with over 50 vintage inspired clothing brands, featuring 20k products, driving high converting shoppers every day. We work with big brands and small independent brands in the USA, UK, CA and AU helping to promote your shop to our:

  • 450,000-500,000 visitors a month
  • 30,000 social media followers
  • 3-4 page views per visit
  • Visitors come here to SHOP. We are the Amazon of vintage inspired clothing!

Join us as an advertiser and take advantage of our viewers looking to buy your clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Here are the types of ads we sell:


Product Ads

List your products on shopping pages. Only $10 per product, per month.

Banner Ads

Place a site-wide vertical, horizontal, or page specific banner and send targeted shoppers to your website. Starting at $200 for 30 days.

Sponsored Article

We will write a high quality sponsored article highlighting your brand and products or you can submit a guest post. Starting at $500.

Product Ad Features

How many products can I advertise?

Choose from a minimum of 5 product ads stating at $10 per product, per month. Discounts are offered for 10, 15 and 20 item placements. (Less than 5 products is possible but with some limitations.)

How long do my ads run?

Banner ads run for 30 days.

Product Ads run for 3 months (90 days) at a time.

What do product ads include?

Product ads include the product image, item name, price, link and your website logo (or Etsy/ebay logo.) We will post to to all the shopping pages they product fits well in. For example, a 1950s dress may also be placed with “retro dresses,” “pin up dresses,” “Rockabilly clothes” and more. We make an effort to share your products on our social media as well.

Where will may ads be placed?

Products ads begin at the top of the page but will shuffle around based on customer engagement. The more clicks a product gets the higher the placement. You can change our products ads as often as you need to.

What kind of traffic will I get?

The number of clicks you will receive depends on the product, the category and number of ads you have. You can use your Google Analytics to track clicks from or ask us for a click report anytime after 30 days.

Examples of Advertiser Traffic (Clicks):

Advertiser 1: 5 products, 1-2 categories each, 700 clicks per months
Advertiser 2: 10 Products, 2 categories, 1,000 clicks per month
Advertiser 3: 10 Products, 3-5 categories, 2,400 clicks per month


“Over half our sales on Royal Vintage come from Vintage Dancer. Advertising on VintageDancer has made all the difference to getting our startup off the ground.”

Royal Vintage Shoes

“I saw on Analytics that we got our first sale from the ads over the weekend and our traffic from your site is up at least 20 fold. =)”

Reconstructing History

“I begin receiving traffic already. I plan to place an ads with Vintagedancer every month, because it seems to attract the right audience for our dresses.”

House of Recollections


Product Ads

  • Products- 5 items ($10 per month, per product) for 3 months = $150
  • Products- 10 items (10% discount) for 3 months = $270
  • Products- 15 items (15% discount) for 3 months = $382.50
  • Products- 20 items (20% discount) for 3 months = $480
Banner Ads
  • Shop Page Banner (above the fold) – $200 
  • Article Banner- $200 (Placed in an existing article(s))
  • Sidebar Banner (Vertical) $500 (Sitewide)
Sponsored Article  – $500
Example: Vintage Men’s Wedding Guest Outfits (Paul Fredrick)

How to Buy an AD

  1. Contact Debbie ( with any questions before you purchase. Please include business name and website in your email.
  2. Click the BUY NOW button to place your order. Have the links to your products ready or the banner ad to upload. Submit order.
  3. Wait 1-3 days for your ads to appear on the website. I will send you a confirmation when they are live.
  4.  Watch the traffic flood in and the sales begin!
  5. You can change out products anytime during the 3 months. Simply email me the new links and I will add them and remove any old ones you no longer need.
  6. When your ads are about to expire you will receive a renewal notice in your email. 

Questions? I am always here to help. 


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