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60s Shirts, Tops, Blouses | 70s Shirts, Blouses

Women’s new 1960s / 60s shirts, tops and blouses and 1970s boho tops and disco shirts are on trend now. Vintage inspired sixties tops pair with high waisted shorts, pants and mini skirts. The charming peter pan collar button up blouse is very vintage while the lace blouse in a timeless throwback to the turn of the century. Casual shirts, tunic shirts, crop tops, tank tops, long sleeve tie blouses, and turtlenecks add variety to your 60s  inspired outfits. Look here for warm sweaters and coats. 

70s shirts and blouses embraced the bohemian hippe anti-fashion movement although it is the short retro T-shirt that is collectible today. Peasant tops, large bell sleeve blouses, and flashy disco shirts pair well with 70s flare and bell bottom jeans.

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60s Shirts /70s Blouses