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1930s Style Mens Shoes

1930s mens shoes, 1937 two tone shoes, white shoes

1937 Men’s Shoes

Step back in time when men’s fashion was classically good looking. 1930s style men’s shoes were sleek yet fancy and  formal yet casual. The classic oxford of the ’20s expanded to include more two tone color combinations as well as more brogue (small holes) embellished all over the shoes. These became the staple 1930s dress shoe for men.

On the casual side 1930s men’s leather sandals came into existence for days on the beach and rubber sole sport shoes Keds and Converse were worn on weekends. At home a comfortable pair of loafers were all you needed.

Most of these style of shoes can still be found today. We have searched the web and found all of these 1930s style men’s shoes for sale online:

1930s Men’s Shoes