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1960s Style Men’s Clothing, 70s Men’s Fashion

1960s men’s clothing from the the conservative yet relaxed 1950s fashion into further simplified clothing. Casual was in, formality was out. By the mid ’60s men’s fashion took a sharp turn and flew across the pond to the Mod style of the British musicians. The Beattles, beatnicks, and Steve McQueen were fashion idols for a few years until the late 60s hippie movement brought out anti-fashion bell bottom pants, crazy shirts, and polyester everything.  This continued into the 1970s where a return to earthy folk fashion dominated the decade. 70s disco fashion added some flashy outfits to otherwise nature inspired colors and fabrics.

Whatever part of the ’60s or 70s attire you love there are still ways to dress in the style. We browse the web and look for affordable 1960s inspired men’s clothing and 70s mens fashion attire to make your shopping easier.

Read about dressing like some of the popular men’s 1960s fashion styles. 

1960s – 1970s Style Men’s Clothing: