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Victorian Style Hats, Bonnets, Caps, Patterns

1890 Victorian Hats

1890 Victorian Hats- see more Victorian hats here

Women’s Victorian style hats. These new hats are simple, elegant hats to wear on their own or as a base to add an abundance of ribbon, flowers, feathers and jewels. Victorian bonnets were the most common day hat during the civil war while lace caps and headdresses adorned women at home. Sport hat styles were small toques or straw sailors. The variety of shapes and sizes varied by decade. Popular today are small Victorian ladies perch hats for the bustle era and riding hats (top hat shape) for the turn of the century.

You can buy or make your own Victorian hat with a hat pattern. See below for pictures of Victorian hats and caps.

Shop these Victorian style hats to add the final touch to your Victorian costume. Shop more big picture hats on the Edwardian hat page. 

Victorian Style Hats:

Victorian Hat Styles

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