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70s Clothes | Hippie Clothes & Outfits

Grooving out of the swinging sixties and into the disco dancing 70s gave us a fabulous new wardrobe full of color, texture and retro patterns. Polyester jumpsuits, fringe jackets, flared pants, maxi dresses and retro T-shirts are just a few of our favorite women’s 70s clothes. The boho hippie style went back to past with granny boots, embroidered tunic shirts,  suede vests and headbands.  Now casual 70s is making a comeback with denim jackets, bell bottom jeans, vintage tops, and sandals. Men’s clothing was similar- loon pants, pattern shirts, platform shoes, and big belts. Is was a decade of manly masochism.

Finding 70s clothes to wear for an everyday retro fashion or 1970s disco party has become a lot easier thanks to the current trends. For costume parties sticking to the classic 70s outfits and hippie costumes will always be in style.  We browsed online and found many great 70s clothes for women and men to mix and match the perfect 70s outfit together.  Pick a category below to get started and ask us for help if you can’t find what you are looking for. Need 70s outfit ideas? Try one of these 70s outfits or these disco looks here. 

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