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Edwardian Hats, Titanic Hats, Tea Party Hats

Choosing an Edwardian hat for your turn the century fashion look is a must. Also called tea party hats, derby hats and Titanic hats they ranged from wide brim picture hats to post war dainty small hats. Decorations matched the hat sizes with feathers, bows, flowers and sometimes whole birds perched on top. Starting with a plain hat in the correct shape for the time period then adding your own decorations is the best way to let your creativity shine. For the less artistic types, a simple Edwardian hat already decorated is the way to go. Read about the history of Edwardian Titanic hat styles here.

These new hats are all inspired by the Titanic Edwardian era. Shape, materials, and trim give a nod to the past while being fashionable in the present. They are perfect for Titanic, Downton Abbey, Mr. Selfridge, Suffragette, Gibson girl and summer tea party hat themed events. Don’t forget a pair of gloves for your vintage tea party.

 Edwardian Hats

Titanic Hats, Derby Hats, Ascot Hats

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