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Victorian Skirts | Bustle, Walking, Edwardian Skirts

Simple Edwardian day costume idea with a long skirt, embroidered blouse and heels. get this look and more at VintageDancer.com

Simple Edwardian costume idea with a long skirt, blouse and heels.

Most women’s Victorian dresses consisted of a skirt and bodice attached together to look like one piece. From the full Civil War era skirt to the gathered bustle skirt, the era had a variety of Victorian skirt silhouettes that fit both day (walking skirts) and evening (ballgown skirts) fashions. There were special skirts for riding (split skirt), cycling, hiking and other sporty activities too.

During the 1900s to 1920 turn of the century, Edwardian skirts found a new place in women’s wardrobes. Convenience and economy made owning several skirts and blouses a regular part of a woman’s wardrobe. These separates were mixed and matched with a wide belt to marry them together. Simple and versatile Edwardian skirts made it possible for women of all classes to look like their icon the Gibson Girl.

The easiest Victorian and Edwardian costume to make is to combine a white lace blouse with a long full skirt. From the very full gathered skirts of the early years to the narrow A- line tea length skirts of the later years Victorian style skirts can still be found today. These new skirts and sewing patterns we found online make great options for your vintage-inspired Victorian and Edwardian costumes.

Victorian – Edwardian Skirts


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