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1940s Swing Pants & Sailor Trousers- Wide Leg, High Waist

1940s pants outfit idea

1940s pants and blouse outfit idea

High waists and wide legs define women’s 1940spants. From factory wear to comfortable house wear, 1940s women loved these new fashions borrowed from men’s clothing.  Many were styled after sailor pants in navy blue with white buttons on the side. Dress trousers had side zippers, pleated wide legs, and a waistband with room for a thin belt. Both casual and dressy swing pants are popular again in vintage and mainstream circles.

Vintage overalls and denim jeans (dungarees) also became mainstream in the 1940s.  Denim was sturdy enough for working Rosie’s while lighter cotton overalls were summer time playclothes. Jeans were made of dark denim with deep pockets and cuffed legs. They fit quite loose since they were intended for men to wear.

You too can love and wear 1940s pants and overalls using vintage inspired and modern clothing. Get the ’40s swing or pinup look without the vintage price tag. We browsed online and found all of these vintage high waisted and wide leg pants, bib front overalls, sailor trousers and blue jeans to make your shopping easier.

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