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1940s Style Mens Shirts


1940s Men's Dress Shirts & ties 1948 at VintageDancer.com

1948 Men’s Dress Shirts & ties

1940s men’s shirts, both casual and dress shirts, were solid colors with classic pointed, spread or spearpoint collars that were both wide and long. Button down shirts fit loose with french cuffs on men’s business shirts. Common colors were white, cream, blue, green, and tan. While men’s 40s dress shirts had one pocket, casual sports shirts had one or two chest pockets and an open collar. Knit sport shirts similar to polo shirts but with a ribbed band at the bottom and sometimes sleeves were popular with college kids and athletes. The T-shirt was a ringer crew neck shirt in white or horizontal stripes. Read about the history of men’s casual 1940s shirts or scroll down for vintage pictures of men’s 1940s shirts.

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1940s Men’s Shirts


Vintage 1940s Men’s Shirts