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Victorian Style Corsets- Custom, Costume & Patterns

1870s Victorian Corsets, 1877 Macy

1877 Victorian Corsets

Wearing a Victorian era costume dress takes you back in time when the female figure was shaped by boned corsets. To achieve the Victorian look you have three options for corsets: Custom made Victorian corsets are the best fitting and most comfortable for long term wear.  Steel bone corsets also called waist trainers provide good support for most body shapes without the high price of a custom corset. Costume corsets provide the pretty look of Victorian style corsets but lack the support or quality materials. The last option is to sew a Victorian corset yourself with the help of a good reproduction sewing pattern and an online class.

These Victorian custom made corsets, Victorian style corsets and reproduction sewing patterns are our favorite choices sold online. Find one that is right for your budget and style.

Victorian Style Corsets