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1920s Flapper Headband, Gatsby Headpiece, Wigs

1920s inspired headwrap or headband. So pretty.

1920s Style headband and hair scarf

Add some 1920s style sparkle with a bead and feather flapper headband or flapper headpiece in a variety of styles and budgets. 1920s headpieces such as tiaras, hair combs, hair clips, headbands, and beaded skull caps were all popular hair accessories in the twenties. The Great Gatsby movie featured Daisy wearing a beautiful rhinestone headband- a look you can get today at a fraction of the real cost. Downton Abbey ladies also wore headbands and tiaras to dinner and hair scarves during the day.

Add one of these vintage inspired Great Gatsby headpieces we found online for a roaring good ’20s style. If you don’t have perfect 20’s bobbed hair there is a flapper wig waiting for you or a hat to hide under. 

Read about the six varieties of 1920s headbands before you shop. Don’t have a flapper costume yet? We have amazing flapper dresses here. 

1920s Flapper Headbands

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