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1900s Edwardian Men’s Suits and Coats

Edwardian mens clothing guide, 1900-1924 at VintageDancer.com/1900s

Edwardian Men’s Costume Guide.

1900s through 1910s Edwardian era men’s suits became what the modern suit is today. Sack suits were long, plain, loose fitting suit jackets with wide lapels and a one to three button high closure. Modern suits are similar but usually shorter in length and fitted. Common colors were dark navy, grey, green, ivory and occasionally brown. Fabrics were all wool with hints of striping, checks and plaid. Seersucker was popular in summer.

For fancier looks consider the morning suit with striped pants, tailcoat, top hat and cane. Eveningwear in similar with an all black tie attire.

These new modern suits, vests and coats have the general fit, colors and patterns of Edwardian era men’s clothing. Pair these with Edwardian boots or shoes, tie, hat  and accessories for a complete Edwardian day look. 

Edwardian Men’s Suits