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60s Wedding Dresses | 70s Wedding Dresses

1964 - 1960s Short Wedding Dress and Bridesmaid Dresses

1964 Short Wedding Dress and Bridesmaid Dresses

The formality of the early 1950s gave way to fun, hip, simpler silhouettes of the 1960s and old fashion hippie gowns of the 70s. The sixties and seventies were a great time to be married with the choice of several new styles of retro wedding dresses:

  • The 50s style tea gown continued with shorter hemlines and sleeveless (not strapless) designs
  • The new 60s shift dress or baby doll shape made a wedding casual, fun and comfortable
  • The long wedding dress didn’t disappear. It slimmed down into a straight column shape with empire bust line
  • Lace or chiffon maxi dresses made of most 70s wedding dresses
  • Read more about 60s wedding dress styles here or scroll down to see 70s wedding dresses

Today’s retro vintage loving bride can still find many vintage ’60s wedding dresses for sale online but a new vintage inspired 60s or 70s dress can often be more affordable, made of better materials, and fit a modern body.  These new 60s and 70s wedding dresses and gowns are some of the best choices online:

Shop 1960s bridesmaid or mothers dress  and shoes too.

60s 70s Wedding Dresses

Vintage 70s Wedding Dresses


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