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1930s Style Clothing and Fashion

The 1930s are a  forgotten, in-between decade, of fashion and the economic turmoil of the Great Depression. Often lumped in with the 1920s or 1940s the fashions of the thirties are truly one of a kind. There isn’t a 20th century fashion decade that embodied femininity in women and masculinity in men like clothing of the 1930s.

From bias cut dresses for women or broad-shouldered suits for men, 1930s style clothing is a unique style that has revived in recent years.  We just can’t get enough Old Hollywood elegant gowns, dancing shoes, or casual sporty clothes with vintage glamour. Even the current boho 70s style is heavily influenced by modest 30s fashion.

You can wear 1930s outfits today with NEW vintage inspired 1930s style dresses, wide leg pants, blouses, coats, shoes, and accessories. Or make your own with these 1930s women’s clothing and men’s clothing sewing patterns.  UK shoppers look here clothing near you.

Learn about 1930s fashion history first or start browsing hundreds of brands online now. 

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1930s Fashion History for Women

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4 thoughts on “1930s Style Clothing and Fashion

  1. Hi, how long is the delivery? Can I drop by the store and get them personally? Where is your location? Thank you

    • We link to hundreds of clothing retailers online to give you the best variety to choose from. Click on the item you are interested in to see shipping options and potential store locations for each online retailer.

  2. So interesting!!! Where do you find your pieces? I would love to own some of these things & sell them. Is there a wholesale who sells in quantities or by the piece? I have seen a website that has 60s to 90s.