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Edwardian Men’s Shoes- New shoes, Old Style

1918 Edwardian men's Boots and Shoes

1918 Edwardian men’s boots and shoes

The Edwardian era, 1900-1920, followed the path of Victorian men’s boots and shoes with little change. Lace up dress boots were the everyday shoe for all classes. Heavy boots for working. Lighter boots for business and leisure. Black, brown and the snazzy two tone boots were the norm. If Edwardian men’s shoes didn’t lace up they had had buttons or elastic panels (aka Chelsea boots.) For formal evenings, “slippers” of patent leather made men light on their feet for dancing and entertainment. Short ankle high lace up oxford shoes were a newer trend in more casual footwear by the end of the Edwardian fashion era.

These new boots and shoes all point back to the early 20th century. They would each make excellent shoes for a men’s Edwardian costume.

Men’s Edwardian Shoes: