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1940s Blouses and Tops

Blouses and tops of the 1940s were simple yet pretty button-down shirts with small round or large point collars. 1940s blouses also had puffy sleeves to give the appearance of a broad shoulder.  Some ladies button up shirts looked like men’s fitted dress shirts but in fun stripes and floral patterns. In winter plaid flannel shirts were a warm and casual style top. For an entirely feminine look, the 1940s peasant blouse was a summertime fashion favorite. The striped ringer t-shirt was also a casual summer top that paired well with sailor pants and shorts for a nautical outfit. Learn more about 1940s shirts here. 

New 1940s style blouses, tops, and shirts are easier to find than vintage 40s tops and quite charming when matched with a pair of high waist pants or a-line skirts. Consider a pussy bow blouse for dressy looks, a peter pan or pointed collar blouse for suits, and pullover knit tops for casual styles.

1940s Blouses


1940s style blouses, tops, shirts short sleeve sweaters at #vintagedancer

1940s style blouses, tops, shirts, and short sleeve sweaters