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1920s Mens Hats & Caps | Gatsby, Peaky Blinders, Gangster

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1920s Men’s Hat Styles

In the 1920s, men always wore a hat. Casual or sporty hats like the 8 panel newsboy cap were worn by all classes but especially the young, working poor, or the rich while playing a sport. Peaky Blinders characters all wear wool newsboy caps. In summer, the straw boater or skimmer hat, gambler hat, and Fedora were popular with men like the Great Gatsby. Straw Panama’s were another rich man’s summer hat.  Most middle class men wore a black or brown felt bowler or derby hat on their head. The fedora hat and Homburg hat was coming into popularity as a business man’s hat or as a rich gangster men’s hat and the top hat was still worn for formal occasions. Read more about the different types of 1920s men’s hats here.

The following men’s hats have been chosen for the most authentic style of the 1920s while being affordable to most.

Tip: Measure your head around the widest width to get the best fit. Wide brims and tall crowns are more authentic to the 1920s. Avoid trendy stingy brim fedoras and slim ivy caps.

 1920s Style Men’s Hats: