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Ladies Victorian Boots & Shoes – Granny boots

Victorian boots by American Duchess

Victorian reproduction boots and shoes by American-Duchess.

Victorian women were notable for their high black lace up Victorian boots. They continued to be worn into the 1950s with a vintage revival in the 1980s as well. Often called granny boots, vintage western boots, Lolita boots or witch’s boots they are popular with Civil War and Victorian event re-enactors. Button up boots and low heel oxford shoes were alternatives to the lace up boot in the late Victorian era. For evenings, a flat or low heel slipper was dyed to match the elegant gown.  Steampunk costumers love to add gears, buckles, brass, and lot of attitude to Victorian style boots and shoes.

Whether you need ladies Victorian boots in classic black or brown leather or Victorian wedding boots in white or ivory lace these new boots and shoes have all the Victorian style you need in a price range best for you.

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Victorian Boots


Victorian Boots: black, brown, white lace up boots and shoes at VintageDancer.com

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3 thoughts on “Ladies Victorian Boots & Shoes – Granny boots

  1. Do you know if there’s any Victorian looking boot that fits 7W (wide) person. Is hard to find pointy shoes that wont kill our feet. The issue is that they are always too narrow at the toes.

    • I do know this issue well! At the moment only the Jada’s come in wide : https://fave.co/2v4lxPO however usually around fall all the lace up boots come in stock and there should be more choices. I’ll add them here as I find them and they will be marked with a “wide” sticker.

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