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70s Jackets & Hippie Vests, Ponchos

70s jackets, suede with fringe. Very hippie!

70s Suede Fringe jackets

Men and women in the 1970s both wore leather or suede jackets and fringe hippie vests that are popular again this year. Natural earth tone browns, tans and green were popular in the late 70s. So were denim jackets, shearling (sheep) lined jackets, faux fur, embroidered velvet and blanket cloth. Most 70s jackets were hip-length trench coats but full-length overcoats were also common in winter. In spring, lighter polyester knit jackets sported pastel colors and floral prints.

Vests were worn throughout the 70s. Suede fringed vests known as hippie vests were worn by women and men over button down shirts and peasant tops. Long knit vests were even more trendy as were short western style denim or leather vests. There was also the hippie poncho- a solid or plaid wearable blanket. Scroll down to see pictures of vintage 70s jackets, vests and ponchos

All of these styles are back again, reinvented into a 70s inspired boho meets modern twist. Browse our favorites online and add some groovy flair to your wardrobe. Need 70s outfit ideas?

70s Jackets, Vests, Ponchos


Vintage 70s Jackets