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1950s Style Clothing & Fashion

1950s style clothing is timeless. Cool cats and hipsters made the 1950s decade iconic for the youthful freedoms and fun sense of style. Fifties fashion goes beyond poodle skirts and saddle shoes and teenagers were not the only ones setting clothing trends. 1950s housewives played a role in defining the ultra feminine style we love to wear today. Learn about 1950s fashion history on our blog.

The 1950s fashion revival has come full circle with the return of the fifties swing dress, wiggle dress, retro swimsuit, and shoes for women and fedora hatssuspenders, and bowling shirts for men. Whether you need to dress up your daily vintage inspired pinup or Rockabilly wardrobe or for a fifties themed event, wedding, or prom or just because you love the ’50s as much as we do, we can help. We links to hundreds of 1950s inspired clothing online to make your shopping easier.

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1950s Women’s Fashion History


1950s Men’s Fashion History


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