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Victorian Nightgowns, Nightdress, Pajamas, Robes

The long white Victorian nightgown brings up memories of old-fashioned Christmases, A Christmas Carol, and simpler times. Embellished in lace, modest yet warm, the Victorian nightdress of nightgown is still being made today. You can choose a light cotton nightgown for summer evenings or a heavy cotton flannel for crisp winter nights. If you prefer pajamas you can find many with the lace trim and details that nightdresses have. As a cover-up, look for a rich velvet or satin night robe for lounging at home. Men’s and children’s Victorian nightgowns are harder to find but I have included some here as well.  The Victorian-style gown isn’t just for the pre-1900s, the style remained a vintage nightgown classic up to the 1980s.

Browse our favorite Victorian nightgowns, pajamas, robes and bed jackets (men’s too) we found online:

Victorian Nightgowns

Victorian nightgowns and pajamas, antique vintage style sleepwear

Victorian nightgowns and pajamas

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