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Victorian Era Clothing, Costumes, & Fashion

19th century fashions of the Victorian era are highly romanticized in books and movies. Whether you need a Victorian costume such as a women’s civil war dress or men’s morning suit, Wild West reenactment clothes, Steampunk costume, or Victorian style clothing to your modern wardrobe we found some great affordable choices online. All styles representing the 1840s, 1850s, 1860s, 1870s, 1880s, 1890s to 1900s are included.

For women, a full skirted dress or separate skirt and blouse combination is where to begin your Victorian costume. Add accessories such as a bonnet hat, shawl or capelet, lace up boots, long gloves and heavy jewelry. Read this guide to dressing ladies in the Victorian era. 

For men, high waisted pants paired with a dress shirt, vest, cravat tie, top hat and boots are your essentials. Adding a morning coat, gloves, spats and pocket watch will turn you into a fine gentleman. For wild west and outlaw men, the essentials are the same but in more durable and more colorful materials. Learn how to dress like a Victorian gentleman.

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