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Victorian Men’s Clothing, Fashion – 1840 to 1900

A well-dressed Victorian man needs a quality suit, tie, shoes, hat and accessories to reenact the era.  Whether for civil war, Dickens, or single action shooting reenactments consider this your go-to resource for Victorian men’s clothing and fashion.

A basic Victorian men’s outfit starts with high waist pants held up by suspenders in solid wool, plaid, or dark stripes. Nest add a loose Victorian men’s shirt in white or colored for working classes. A mid to upper class man wore a Victorian suit with matching vest. Poor classes may have only afforded a mismatched vest.  Use a cravat or ascot in lieu of a necktie. Wear button up or lace-up boots on your feet and a Victorian top hat, bowler or cap on your head. Complete the look with a Victorian men’s frock coat, cutaway or morning coat (tailcoat.) Add men’s accessories such as gloves and a pocket watch to really make your costume stand out. Read more about Victorian men’s fashion history. 

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