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Victorian Men’s Clothing

A well-dressed Victorian man needs a quality suit, frock coat, vest, pants, shirt, cravat or ascot, boots, spats, top hat, gloves, cane and a pocket watch. Many Victorian style mens clothing and accessories can be found new online. We gathered some of our favorites here. Whether for civil war, Dickens, or single action shooting reenactments consider this your emporium for the Victorian gentleman.

Save money and time and use new, modern, clothing with a Victorian look for your next Victorian costume. Start with high waist pants help up my suspenders and add a patterned vest. Use a cravat or ascot in lieu of a necktie. Wear button up or lace up boots on your feet and a top hat on your head. Complete the look with a frock coat or morning coat (tailcoat.) Add accessories to really make your costume stand out.

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New Victorian Style Clothes for Men: