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1950s Men’s Clothing

Rock n’ roll to rockabilly 1950s men’s fashions are making a comeback. Slim fitting suits, skinny ties, Letterman jackets, bowling shirts, saddle shoes and chunky glasses defined the 1950s guys wardrobe. While the hat was fading from fashion, men like Frank Sinatra kept the fedora hat and black and white shoes alive a little longer. Meanwhile, musicians like Elvis introduced trendy new suede footwear and actor James Dean made the classic white T-shirt and leather jacket a must for any greaser. Jocks wore letterman jackets, blue jeans and Converse high tops.  50s nerds set a new fashion trend with horn rim glasses, high waisted pants, and pocket protectors. There are 50s male fashions for every age and personality. Learn more about 50s men’s fashion history from business to casual. 

For your 50s men’s outfit, we searched the web and found many vintage, reproduction and 1950s inspired men’s clothes to choose from. We linked to them here making your shopping easier.

1950s Men’s Clothing

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