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1920s mens shirt

1920s Suits and Shirt Worn in Boardwalk Empire

Every year my husband and I attend a handful of 1920s themed events.  We love watching Boardwalk Empire and Downton Abbey and are very interested in the clothing men of all walks of life wore in the 1920s. We were especially drawn to the striped suits, colorful dress shirts, and two toned shoes a well dressed gentlemen would wear. With recent luck finding a chalk striped suit and using an existing pair of two toned shoes we only needed to find a 1920s style men’s shirts to complete the vintage look.

White collar shirts in either straight point or round club collars attached to a stripes shirt was the most popular men’s dress shirt. Striped shirts with matching collars came into the late 20s as well. Don’t be shy of color- 1920s men embraced bold yellow, blue, purple, orange, and even pink!

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    cheers for the ideas … not sure if me dreads are so 1920s but i willgive it ago… top job , keep up the appearances, looking fab .
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