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1940s Sewing Patterns – Dresses, Overalls, Lingerie etc

“Make do and mend” was the moto of the 1940s which in turn led to an increase in homemade clothing during the war. Many women turned to printed sewing patterns to help them create the latest fashions on a strict budget. Today ready made clothing is available to buy but there is something special about sewing your own instead. 1940s reproduction sewing patterns are easier to follow and come in better size ranges than vintage. We have handpicked a many of our favorite 1940s sewing patterns for house, day and evening dresses, blouses, wide leg pants, overalls, aprons, lingerie, rompers and swimsuits. We found some men’s patterns and knitting patterns too.

For a complete outfit don’t forget to add a pair of shoes, hat, gloves, jewelry.

1940s Sewing Patterns