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1950s Black and White Oxford shoes

1950’s Saddle Shoe Ad

Looking for 1950’s shoes? You are probably imaging wearing black and white shoes most associated with young girls and teens wearing poodle skirts or young men ripping it up on the dance floor with the new Rock ‘n Roll swing. These classic style fifties shoes are often called oxfords or saddle shoes. Oxfords refer to the style of shoe (flat heel, low profile, lace up) while saddle refers to the color placement (dark color band on white body.) Black and white oxford saddle shoes were the most popular color combination in the 1950’s for both young men and women. Learn more about the history of saddle shoes.


1950s black and white saddle shoes

1950’s Teens in Saddle Shoes

Not all black and white shoes featured the saddle pattern. Black in the middle and white on the edges was popular as well as black on the bottom and white on top. For men the Wingtip design with a black bottom and “W” shape on the toe was handsome formal attire. The black and white pattern took itself onto pumps, loafers, and sport shoes too. Shop 1950s men’s shoes here.

Beyond black and white shoes of the 50’s loved color and the 1960s loved it even more. Brown and white, blue and white, brown and black, and even pink and white were all seen in two tone patterns. You could match your outfit or just have fun with a pop of color against a plain outfit.

Because of the popularity of the 1950’s retro look today finding black and white shoes isn’t too difficult. There are options and price ranges to suit any budget and purpose. Here are many black and white 1950s style shoes I could find online:


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