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Edwardian Men’s Neckties 1900-1910-1919

Edwardian men's ties in 1918. Shop similar modern ties at VintageDancer.com

1918 Men’s Ties

In the 1900-1920s Edwardian men’s ties came in several shapes. The bow tie was a classic for day or evening wear but the new necktie was increasingly popular. These early ties were like silk scarfs with pointed tips. Dark solids, stripes, polka dots and paisley were all common patterns. In the later years, the skinny tie with a square edge made of silk or knit wool was a new fad. For morning suits the ascot was still worn as the most formal option for day wear. Very formal occasions called for a white bow tie.  Scroll down to see pictures of 1900-1910s neckties.

While reproduction Edwardian men’s ties are not readily available these new ties come in the patterns, colors and shapes seen in the turn of the century. They are an ideal accessory to your Edwardian men’s costume.

Edwardian Style Men’s Ties

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