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1920s Dresses UK | Flapper Dresses, Gatsby Dress

Falling in love with 1920s fashion means loving the beautiful beaded short flapper dresses and elegant long evening dresses of the roaring twenties. Between the new Great Gatsby, Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries, Peaky Blinders and our obsession with everything Downton Abbey, adding 1920s style dresses to your wardrobe is a must this year. For shoppers in the UK there are many beautiful new flapper dresses, T-bar shoes, jewelry, hats and accessories that have a 1920s inspired look.  Shopping for flapper dresses UK and Great Gatsby dresses UK introduces a variety of UK and USA brands sold in stores near you or online. Shop 1920s Shoes UK too. 

Here are our favorite 20s dress, shoes and accessories, handpicked from the web’s best online retailers in the UK.  Most USA retailers also ship internationally. Look here for even more clothing.

1920s Dresses UK


2 thoughts on “1920s Dresses UK | Flapper Dresses, Gatsby Dress

  1. I am looking for dancing 20s dress for my mother to wear to her birthday party. It needs to have a long sleeves