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1920’s Fashion for Your Body Type FREE eBook

Free! 1920s Fashion for Your Body Type eBook

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Women’s Fashion Advice from the 1920s

Learn what styles of 1920s day and evening dresses, hats, and hairstyles will look best on you!

For women you think 1920’s clothing will not look good on them. Plus size? Curvy? Short? Tall? Mature? Petite? Blond? Red Hair? All body type, face shapes, hair colors, ect can look amazing in 1920’s fashion IF you follow the advice given to women in the 1920’s. Includes over 50 images of twenties dresses and hats for all body types.

Click Here to download the free PDF ebook now.

Want to learn more about 1920’s Fashion History?

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The 1920’s Style Guide Blog Series

The 1920’s Style Guide is FREE blog series all about 1920’s fashion for men and women, delivered to your email box three to four times a week for the next 12 weeks. The series includes:

  •  Women’s Cultural and Fashion History
    • Trends and Influences of Fashion Design
    • Occasions for Dress- Home, Day, Evening, Weddings
    • Women’s Clothing- Dresses, skirts, tops, suits, sportswear, swimwear, outerwear, lingerie, shoes, hats, jewelry, and accessories.
    • Women’s Beauty- Hairstyle and Makeup
    • Women’s Costuming Advice
    • Men’s Culture and Fashion History
    • Men’s Clothing- Suits, Knickers, Sweaters, Shirts, Shoes, Coats, Hats, Loungewear, Underwear, sportswear, and Accessories
    • Men’s Hairstyles
    • Men’s Costuming Advice
    • 20’s Sewing Resources- Patterns, Materials, Trim
    • Tutorials- Quick Thrift Store Costumes, Makeup Tutorial
    • Shopping Resources and so much more

It is more than your typical fashion history book- it is THE practical guide to understanding and dressing in 1920’s clothing TODAY. The email format makes it easy to learn all about 20’s fashion in bite size chunks. Each post is full of images from the 1920s, links to further reading, and suggestions on where to shop for 20’s vintage and new clothing.

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5 thoughts on “1920’s Fashion for Your Body Type FREE eBook

  1. Your site is a fashion history goldmine! Thank you for the “1920s Fashion for Your Body Type” guide. Even if its primarily aimed at women, as a fan of the 1920s & ’30s, it’s all warmly welcomed!

  2. As a photographer that enjoys doing vintage photos and pinups I often stuggle with not mixing eras together. Hopefully this will help!

    • It should help a lot, at least for the 20’s. It takes a while to spot the differences in eras. If you ever get stuck I’ll be happy to help you date an image or vintage clothing.