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1920s Tuxedo, Hats, Shoes, Shirts and Formal Wear

Men’s black tie 1920s formal wear or evening wear was not too different from today. Black tailcoats started off the century but were replaced by the more casual dinner jacket or tuxedo as we know it today. The Great Gatsby wore a tuxedo to all of his parties and so did most of his male guests. The men of Downton Abbey also dressed in formal evening wear for grand dinner parties at the abbey.

With the right style tuxedo, wingtip shirt, lapel vest, formal shoes, tie and top hat you can re-create a formal 1920s look ideal for a 1920s themed gala, dance and wedding.

Read about the history and how to dress in 1920s formal wear using new clothing then shop here:

1920s Men’s Evening & Formal Wear